Executive Board

Meet LSOSA's Joint Executive Board

Henry Inniss

President LSOSA Barbados

Dr. Anton Reece

President LSOSA Intl

Robin Douglas

Acting Principal

Dr. John Daniel

Vice President LSOSA Intl

Ben Toppin

Vice President LSOSA Barbados

Glyne Pilgrim

Treasurer LSOSA Barbados

Julia Linton-Moore

Treasurer LSOSA Intl

Dave Sahadath

Secretary- LSOSA Intl

Tracey Leacock

Secretary- LSOSA Barbados

LSOSA Barbados

LSOSA Barbados has a long and storied history of organizing events, providing supplies to students, offering benefits to former colleagues who may have fallen on hard times and continues to be an advocate for our Alma Mater. Strong and focused leadership remains the focus in order to continue to be the beacon for current and former students alike. Contact your local representatives to understand ways you can become a contributing member.

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LSOSA International

LSOSA International was formed in July 2020 with the principal mission of providing a vehicle for former alumni residing outside Barbados wishing to contribute to current and past students through various types of donations/gifts. To date, this chapter has worked with local chapter to provide students with Laptops, Starting Blocks, Tents, and other supplies.

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Structured Giving

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Business / Internship

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