The LSOSA - Barbados

In short about us

The Lodge School Old Scholars' Association has been in existence in one form or another since the nineteen fifties. The structure has varied from small groups of select individuals, to committees focused on specific causes, to structured organizations with governing boards. In each version of The LSOSA, the objective has been the same, to benefit first and foremost current students in their quest to become productive and contributing members of society. The LSOSA and partner LSOSA International (formed in 2020) continue to combine resources and talent. That collaboration has seen several successful projects and initiatives completed over the last 18 months.

Meet The LSOSA's Barbados Executive Board

Henry Inniss

President- LSOSA Barbados

Ben Toppin

Vice President- LSOSA Barbados

Robin Douglas

Acting Prinipal

Glyne Pilgrim

Treasurer- LSOSA Barbados

Tracey Leacock

Secretary- LSOSA Barbados

Denise Reid

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer- LSOSA Barbados

LaTeisha Leon-Barker

Public Relations Officer- LSOSA Barbados

Corey Barrow

Member Relations Officer- LSOSA Barbados





The LSOSA - Barbados

The LSOSA (Barbados) Chapter has a long and storied history of organizing events, providing supplies to students, offering benefits to former colleagues who may have fallen on hard times and continues to be an advocate for our Alma Mater. Strong and focused leadership remains the focus in order to continue to be the beacon for current and former students alike. Contact your local representatives to understand ways you can become a contributing member.

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Donations are the cornerstone of funding efforts for The LSOSA. There is no donation that is too small to make a difference. Monetary, Time, Professional services, Goods and Product donations are all welcome.         If anonymity is preferred, we can accommodate those requests. We offer appropriate tax reporting for the value of the donation.

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Structured Giving

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